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The Water Services Bylaw should provide for conservation of water by residents with swimming pools with an addition to its provisions to be complied with by 2027: All pools with a water volume of 10 cu metres or more must have a meter that records the pool outflow. Where the outflow equals the volume of the pool, or more, once every three years, the resident is to pay a conservation penalty equal to the price of the outflow volume in addition to their normal water rate.

Submitted by Warwick Taylor
Opened 24 November 2022
Closes 24 February 2023
Status Not Presented

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The water in swimming pools, if properly maintained, needs to be changed every 5 – 7 years. Rather than potentially reduce what pool owners pay for water use by introducing volumetric charging everywhere, a more cost efficient way to conserve water would be to charge a penalty for pool owners who do not practice good conservation by changing their pool water more than every 3 years.


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This petition closed for signatures on 24 February 2023.