Ensure those evicted due to sale of Council housing are rehoused.

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We the undersigned request that the Wellington City Council to ensure that those evicted from their homes as a result of the Wellington City Council's decision on 30 September 2020 to sell 20 City Council housing units, are found appropriate and affordable housing and that their relocation costs be paid by Wellington City Council. Further that by taking the aforementioned move the Council does not move its attention from the overall housing problem.

Submitted by Warwick Taylor
Opened 18 December 2020
Closes 18 February 2021
Status Not Presented

Background information

On 30 September the Wellington City Council voted to sell 20 housing units. We believe those living in the units should be assisted by the Council to find suitable, affordable accommodation and that the Council should pay for their removal expenses. The Council should still make solving the City's housing crisis a high priority.


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This petition closed for signatures on 18 February 2021.