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Please consider maintaining at least one long hours library in the central city. Te Awe Library would be the preferred option, with the option to look into a 24/7 library and/or e-library. Key services would include study tables, power sockets to charge laptops and phones, internet, and additional monitors with security in place also.

Submitted by Zohayer K.
Opened 23 February 2024
Closed 23 March 2024
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Libraries serve not only a place to study or learn but for some to also have a peace of mind. This improves mental health. From university to home, or for some from office to home, it is a place to experience something different. Sometimes it's easier to focus on your personal projects or studies or whatever at a library rather than at home. Given the standard of average Wellington housing options, it could also offer a personal workspace for some which they may not have at home.


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This petition closed for signatures on 23 March 2024.