Lifting the Creek - remediation of the closed landfill in Haewai / Houghton Valley

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We request that WCC put the remediation of our closed landfill into the 2024-2034 Long Term Plan to reduce leachate contamination of Taputeranga Marine Reserve; prevent hydrocarbon odours from stormwater drains in homes; divert storm and spring water from becoming contaminated in the under-landfill pipes; and create a natural stormwater system that provides habitat for our non-human residents, and an engaging space for recreation, food growing and spring water harvesting.

Submitted by Jenny Rattenbury
Opened 27 October 2023
Closed 27 November 2023
Status Closed

Background information

The community has been working on this project for 10+ years. It will continue to revitalise our community and the environment over the next decades, just as the 20+ years of rubbish tip destroyed them. We know the project will take time and be costly. The concept design already created by the community can be a starting point for developing a detailed design: collaborating with residents, Mana Whenua, WCC staff and outside design consultants. Construction can be in stages as funds permit.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 27 November 2023.