Petition for Rainwater Harvesting Grants: Support Sustainable Home Construction in Our Community!

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Rainwater harvesting grants would aid homeowners in installing systems to collect and reuse rainwater, fostering sustainability. This conserves water, reduces strain on municipal supplies, lowers bills, and mitigates flooding. It's vital for eco-friendly housing and resilient communities. Clean water is a precious resource and energy intensive to move. We shouldn't be flushing it down our toilets.

Submitted by Bunty Agrawal
Opened 27 September 2023
Closed 27 December 2023
Status Closed

Background information

Climate change is intensifying El Niño events, causing erratic rainfall patterns. El Niño's warming of Pacific waters disrupts global weather systems, leading to droughts and floods. These extreme events, coupled with shifting climate patterns, create unpredictability in rainfall. Addressing this with rainwater harvesting is essential for adapting to climate change and ensuring water security.


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This petition closed for signatures on 27 December 2023.