Request for toilets at Carrara Park

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We are asking WCC to install public toilets in Carrara Park. This is a very popular park and playground but the lack of toilets means that, regrettably, caregivers of small children resort to allowing them to go behind a bush, while older children and adults have to cut their day short. There are no public toilets within a 5min walk and no commercial or other facilities nearby. Even if there were, a 5 min walk would still mean packing up and leaving the park. Toilets are needed onsite.

Submitted by Rhona Carson
Opened 22 August 2023
Closed 5 September 2023
Status Closed

Background information

Carrara Park opened in 1995. Repeated requests for toilets have been unsuccessful. When the picnic tables and BBQs were installed in 2020 the need became even more acute. Carrara Park is one of 24 Community Playspaces in Wellington, and toilets are among the expected amenities. Toilets onsite would greatly extend the range of uses - eg, people could organise events without needing to hire a portaloo, and local ECEs and schools could more readily use the park for outdoor education.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 5 September 2023.