Ban Smoking Outside All Schools

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This petition would ban smoking outside ALL primary schools, intermediate schools, secondary schools and early childcare centres (ECE). All sidewalks/footpaths and council-owned land within a minimum of a 10 metre radius of school property would be covered

Submitted by Andre Grover
Opened 18 January 2017
Closed 18 April 2017
Status Closed

Background information

Almost all schools across New Zealand currently have a no smoking policy however this does not include footpaths just beyond the school grounds. Currently smoking is generally permitted just outside of school grounds (with the exception of school bus stops) however this still exposes the harmful effects of smoking and second-hand smoke to our children. Some students may also be negatively influenced by the sight and smell of smoke just beyond the school grounds.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 18 April 2017.