Installation of Judder Bars, or similar strategy, on Monorgan Rd.

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For many years residents and people who work in Monorgan Rd have requested with the Police and Council staff to have Judder Bars, or similar, onto Monorgan Rd as too many vehicles use this road as a race track and endanger other road users. On Sunday 20th December an eighteen year old young man lost his life due to excessive speed. Judging by what was left of his vehicle, he must have hit the tree at a ridiculous speed. The car exploded on impact and car parts were shattered far and wide.

Submitted by Jamie McCarthy
Opened 12 January 2016
Closed 21 March 2016
Status Closed

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If nothing is done I believe this tragic event could repeat itself sometime in the future.


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This petition closed for signatures on 21 March 2016.