Oppose the petition calling for a bylaw to require cyclists to use cycle lanes at all times

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This petition opposes a concurrent petition that calls for the Council to establish a bylaw that would require all cyclists to use cycle lanes at all times where available. Such a bylaw would be unworkable and would remove cyclists' ability to choose where to position themselves on the roadway in order to protect their own safety and ability to avoid obstructions and position themselves appropriately to turn at intersections. Note: As a result of the Officer's Response to the ePetition titled "A bylaw; To enforce cyclist's use cycle lanes where provided at all times," the ePetitioner has chosen not to present his ePetition. However this ePetition has nonetheless been noted by Council Officers.

Submitted by Chris Calvi-Freeman
Opened 26 May 2015
Closed 26 June 2015
Status Closed

Background information

The Council is designing and consulting upon a number of cycle lanes and other "cycle friendly" facilities. Some of these facilities may not be appropriate for some cyclists, depending on their needs, abilities and direction of proposed travel at intersections. Some existing cycle lanes are deficient and many are obstructed by parked vehicles or buses at stops. Cyclists must be allowed to use any part of the roadway legally available to them in the Road Code.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 26 June 2015.