Say 'No" to wheelie bins.

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WCC councillors will be briefed in June on the decision to significantly change our kerbside recycling collection system. This will see the existing green recycling bins/crates being for glass only and wheelie bins for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium/steel can recycling. For the 12,000 + households who cannot use wheelie bins, a number of plastic bags per annum will be provided by the council. This at a time when we are being encouraged to reduce our plastic bag usage!

Submitted by Paul Widdowson
Opened 26 May 2010
Closed 26 October 2010
Status Closed

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As the Council acknowledges, Wheelie bins will not be suited to all areas of the city. For the areas that are deemed suitable there is the potential for Wheelie bins to pose their own problems within our city's environment such as blocking footpaths, causing litter and possible property damage if they blow over in Wellington.s regular high winds. The Council's CitiOperations Manager expects to the new system to cost just over $3 million a year and this will be funded from the Council's other waste activities, including rubbish bag sales, landfill fees and the waste levy. The cost of these services could potentially rise as a consequence.


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This petition closed for signatures on 26 October 2010.