WCC to respect the International Peace Symbol which is still the British CND organisation logo.

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A Wellington City Council officer would use the symbol if appropriate, under an official recognition status. For instance, in the publicity of a visit by a Nobel Peace Prize winner; an activity linked to the statue of Mohandas Ghandi at the Railway Station, ie. The World March For Peace; when the Council marks Hiroshima Day at the Botanical Gardens Peace Flame or for Council celebration of the United Nations annual International Day Of Peace on 21 September.

Submitted by Richard Tingey
Opened 28 July 2009
Closed 28 January 2010
Status Closed

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The Wellington City Council backs peace. The Symbol's for the A1 nuclear disarmament peace issue. Nuclear warheads illegally target cities to cause untreatable civilian casualties and radioactivity. The symbol against this, deserves recognition by the Wellington City Council. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, wants 100 reasons to ban nuclear weapons in the 100 days to The International Day Of Peace, 21 September 2009. He says "WMD...We Must Disarm" the world of nuclear weapons, via a UN treaty and inspections. http://www.dsrm.webs.com/


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This petition closed for signatures on 28 January 2010.