Bring Back the Trams - Make Wellington a Pedestrian, Cycle and Tram friendly city.

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I propose that the council conduct an extensive feasibility study into closing off the CBD to bus and car transport in order to replace it with Trams. Thus taking into account the threat of peak oil plus rising prices, climate change, air pollution and health (caused by transport emissions affecting city pedestrians), and the unresolved issues of high congestion.

Submitted by Sarah van Iddekinge
Opened 6 May 2008
Closed 6 August 2008
Status Closed

Background information

Trams were phased out in the 1960s, when oil was cheap and transport technology was booming. We are not taking transport issues seriously enough. The city most prepared for the oil crisis is San Francisco - what does San Francisco have? TRAMS! By blocking out other transport and bringing back Trams, spaces will open up for sustainable transport (cycling and walking). Trams will give the city back to the people, creating a cleaner and safer inner city environment.


Signatures: 311

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 6 August 2008.