Vehicles and valuables

To avoid being a victim of car crime, don't leave valuables in your vehicle – and keep it locked.

Three vehicle thieves.

"Don’t let your valuables become bait. Pick them up and take them home."

Together with the New Zealand Police, Wellington City Council is advising Newtown and Mount Cook residents to take their valuables out of their cars. 

Although crime statistics from the last five years show an overall decrease in crime, there is a predicted increase in the numbers of theft from cars in late September and through October in these areas. 

Sergeant Simon King and the Police Wellington Youth and Community Team will be in the area over the next 2 weeks delivering flyers, posters and letters to Mount Cook and Newtown residents. Extra foot patrols by officers have been planned and school community officers will take the messages to schools.

Share the following video across your networks and remember; Don’t let your valuables become bait. Pick them up and take them home.

Protecting vehicles

Always lock your car or campervan and consider using public transport rather than parking your vehicle in the city. You can also take the following precautions to make your vehicle less of a target:

  • Seek out parking buildings that have staff on duty.
  • If parking at night, choose a well-lit, busy street.
  • Don't leave valuables, maps, luggage, cameras, clothing or tourist brochures visible in your car.
  • Store valuable items securely at your hotel and only take what you need - if you're in a campervan, store items out of sight.
  • If your car or campervan is taken or broken into, contact the Police immediately on 111 and tell them the registration number.

For more information about protecting your vehicle:
Protect Your Home and Property - NZ Police