Community Patrols

You can make your community safer by volunteering to assist the Police as a community patroller.

A group of Pasifika Patrollers talking to members of the public in Cuba Street.
Pasifika Community patrollers

What is a community patrol?

Community Patrols of New Zealand has thousands of volunteers across the country who help New Zealand Police make their community safer.

Patrols affiliated with Community Patrols of New Zealand, have the support and confidence of the Police and the community. Community patrols also work closely with the Council and other organisations sharing a similar interest in community safety.  Anyone can get involved and help make their own local community safer.

Community patrollers act as 'eyes and ears' for police, noting anything that could be suspicious and informing police of incidents requiring urgent attention. Police let patrols know of suspicious activities and trouble spots to keep an eye on, as well as informing them of events occurring in the area. 

Each patrol is managed by a committee of their members. Volunteers meet regularly for training and to discuss issues and opportunities. Applicants are vetted by the Police before becoming patrol members and must complete a 3 month period of training where they work with senior patrollers. Each volunteer signs a declaration of confidentiality and agrees to abide by a code of conduct.

In addition to patrolling their own suburbs, Wellington patrols work closely together sharing their experience and knowledge. Patrollers can find themselves working anywhere across Wellington, helping with crime prevention and making communities feel safer.

The image shows two cars from the Tawa Community Patrol fleet.
Tawa Community Patrol

Want to get involved with your local patrol?

There are several community patrols operating in Wellington. They’re always looking out for new recruits - to find your suburb and get in touch about joining your local patrol, visit the Community Patrols of New Zealand website.