Services and management

Learn about the types of services and activities that Council community centres offer, how centres are staffed and managed, and how to suggest an activity or volunteer.


The Council contributes funding, training, information, advice and sometimes land and buildings to support community centres in their important work.

What community centres offer

Every Council community centre offers its own mix of programmes, largely driven by the residents and groups who use them. New groups and ideas are always welcome.

Some examples of service areas are:

  • Community building - community liaison meetings, meeting rooms and halls, cultural services and celebrations.
  • Health and welfare - meals on wheels, exercise programmes, educational courses and elderly services.
  • Kids and youth - childcare, toy libraries, school holiday programmes and youth services.
  • Events and activities - social groups and outings, arts and crafts, fairs.
  • Communication tools - notice boards, newsletters, access to computers and internet, photocopying and faxing.

Staff and management

Community centres would not survive without the generous help of volunteers who are involved in all aspects of running them.

Most community centres have a full- or part-time coordinator experienced in community development and activities.

The Community Centre Coordinator is accountable to a volunteer management committee and is responsible for:

  • day-to-day activities at the centre
  • supporting initiatives for new groups and activities
  • developing projects and initiatives that respond to community needs

Some centres have special programmes for young people directed by youth workers. Other centres have people experienced in working with the elderly.

Suggest an activity or volunteer

If you have an idea or identify a need that could help the community, or you'd like to volunteer, contact the centre coordinator. Contact details are listed in:

Community centres – Locations