Support services

Our Tenancy Advisors are available to meet simple support needs and can refer more complex needs to our Tenancy Case Manager, who links tenants with external agencies.

Talk to a tenancy advisor

You can talk to us about any tenancy matter.

Tenancy advisor clinics

We hold on-site tenancy advisor 'clinics' in the community rooms or tenancy advisor offices of all our larger complexes.

The clinics are held either weekly or fortnightly depending on the size of the complex. 

These are informal sessions - tenants don't have to make an appointment and can simply drop in to talk to their tenancy advisor about any concerns or requests they may have.

Appointments in your home

We are also happy to set up appointments to meet with tenants in their homes.

By phone

To contact a Tenancy Advisor, call into the Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre at 12 Manners Street, or phone (04) 499 4444.

If you have a complaint

The Council also has procedures to fairly and impartially deal with tenants' complaints and disputes.

Get help to quit smoking

Free support to stop smoking, including advice, encouragement, personalised programmes and nicotine replacement therapy, are available free from Quitline - Me Mutu and Aukati KaiPaipa.

 Quitline - Me Mutu

Phone 0800 778 778
Website Quitline

Aukati KaiPaipa

Phone 04 939 4630
Website Aukati KaiPaipa - Kokiri Marae

Te Haika (Mental Health Contact Centre)

Te Haika manages mental health crisis calls, general mental health enquiries and is the central point for all referrals to Capital and Coast Health District Board Mental Health Services.

Te Haika is staffed by a team of experienced mental health clinicians - available 24 hours daily.

Te Haika

Phone 0800 745 477
Website Health Point