Annual inspections

We inspect our City Housing flats, apartments and homes once every year. Find out what to expect and how to prepare for the inspections.

Why it happens

City Housing manages over 2,300 flats, apartments and houses. To keep them in good order and make sure your home is safe, we inspect them once a year, and when tenants move out or in.

What to expect

  • We will always write to you before we come to do an inspection, giving you at least 48 hours’ notice.
  • A tenancy advisor will visit and have a look around. They are looking to see that the unit is being kept reasonably clean and tidy, as in your tenancy agreement. If they see any problems they will discuss them with you 
  • You are welcome to have a support person, friend or family member with you during the inspection if you wish.
  • If you have caused any damage to the unit, you may be charged for it to be repaired. This can include not telling us if something was wrong. For example if there has been a leak and carpets are getting ruined, it is your responsibility to log a job and make sure it gets fixed.
  • If there is a big problem with the way you are using the property, we will discuss it with you and you may get a letter explaining what you need to do, and what will happen if the problem is not fixed. 
  • If you have a large number of items in your unit in relation to its size, we may ask you to remove some items for health and safety reasons. For example we need to make sure you can get out quickly in a fire without tripping over items on the floor or knocking things off shelves or tables. 
  • If you are storing items outside your unit that may be blocking a fire escape, this is a safety risk and we may ask you to remove them.
  • If you live in a smokefree unit (eg Regent Park and Berkeley Dallard), we will check that no one is smoking in the unit.
  • The inspection includes outdoor spaces such as balconies and gardens, so make sure these are tidy and well kept.

How to be ready

  • The best thing you can do is to keep your place clean and tidy, rather than rushing to clean up before an inspection. If you do these things regularly, your inspection should be no problem:
  • Clean your floors weekly, wash dishes every day and put them away, put rubbish out every day or two, clean your bathroom regularly, wash the inside of your windows each season or more often. 
  • Keep your stove clean by wiping it after each use, wipe kitchen benches every day and keep them free of clutter. 
  • Let air flow through your home to keep it dry and remove day-to-day smells and moisture. Use the rangehood and extractor fan if you have them.
  • Log a job straight away if anything is broken or not working properly.
  • Read the fact sheet this fact sheet for more details on keeping your place clean and tidy, and avoiding dampness which causes damage:

Taking Care of Your Council Home (76KB PDF)