Rent levels and bonds

The Council provides accommodation in a range of housing types, rental costs and locations in Wellington.

Rental ranges

The following are rental ranges for our properties across the city, as at January 2022. These rates are set at 70% of the market rent and are reviewed each year. 

Type Rental range Location
Studio unit $147.00–$196.00 Kilbirnie, Newtown, Miramar, Mount Cook, Johnsonville, Newlands, Northland
One bedroom $220.50–$318.50 Newtown, Mount Cook, Berhampore, Aro Valley, Miramar, Kilbirnie, Mount Victoria
Two bedroom $297.50–$420.00 Newtown, Berhampore, Mount Cook, Brooklyn, Miramar, Wilton, Karori
Three bedroom $399.00–$542.50 Miramar, Newtown, Wilton, Karori, Mount Cook, Aro Valley, Berhampore
Four bedroom $521.50–$640.50 Newtown, Kilbirnie, Wilton, Mount Cook, Miramar, Aro Valley
Five bedroom $658.00–$752.50 Newtown, Mount Cook
Six bedroom $651.00–$721.00 Newtown, Mount Cook, Hataitai

Rent reviews

Your rent is subsidised by 30%. This means that you pay 70% of the 'market rate'.

Once a year, the Council reviews your income and assets to check if you still qualify for this type of housing.

Depending on the results of the review, your subsidy may:

  • change from 30% to 10% (meaning your rent will increase)
  • be removed
  • stay the same.

The review may find that you no longer qualify for this type of housing and you will need to look at renting in the private market.

If the subsidy is removed, you are given 60 days notice (this is not a rent increase).

Rent increases

You will have 60 days notice before any rent increase. Rent will not go up in the first 180 days of tenancy or within 180 days of any previous increase.

Rents are reviewed annually and tenants receive notification of any increase in June - July each year. Rent increases are capped so they are no more than $20 per week for a single person or $30 per week for larger households.

If your rent increases, you may be eligible for an increased accommodation supplement from Work and Income or the Council's affordable rent subsidy.

Work and Income accommodation supplement

Check with Work and Income to see if you're entitled to an accommodation supplement:

Work and Income New Zealand
Phone: 0800 559 009

Affordable rent subsidy

If your rent is more than 35% of you total income, you may be entitled to the Council's affordable rent subsidy.

If you think you may qualify for this subsidy, or you need help to work it out, please talk to your Tenancy Advisor. You will need to provide the income details for everyone over 18 in your household. You can contact your Tenancy Advisor by calling 499-4444.


When you start your tenancy you need to make a bond payment plus pay one week's rent in advance. The bond is equal to three week’s rent. The Council's City Housing team forwards the payment to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Tenancy Services. You will receive a letter from the department to say they've received your bond.

The bond is held until your tenancy with City Housing ends. When this happens City Housing will process your account, and if there is no money owing, City Housing will tell Tenancy Services to refund the bond to you and deposit any balance into your bank account.