Stone Soup Fund

This fund supports the viability and sustainability of established community gardens in Wellington.

Fund details

Contact: Stacey Gasson, Sustainability
Value: $15,000 to distribute each year. See past allocations (211KB PDF)

About the fund

The Wellington Community Garden Network meets twice a year to distribute $15,000 to active community gardens, or directly to preferred suppliers. 

The purpose of the fund is to:

  • support the city's community gardens
  • empower the community to make its own decisions
  • reduce compliance and reporting burdens for gardeners
  • encourage gardeners to have a greater understanding of projects throughout Wellington
  • provide gardeners with the opportunity to share resources, learnings and experiences with one another.

You can use this fund to support:

  • supplies and materials
  • equipment
  • community events
  • promotions
  • accessibility costs
  • health and safety compliance
  • garden infrastructure.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be an ‘active garden’ with an engaged membership
  • be open to the community
  • have the skills to manage a garden
  • have permission granted for land use.

How to apply

1. Once you receive the application forms from WCC, you can submit your applications 10 days before the scheduled Stone Soup hui.

2. The Wellington Community Gardens Network (WCGN) will assess eligible applications one week before the scheduled hui.

3. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to your application during the meeting, but this is not a requirement.

4. The WCGN will make a decision on what applicants will receive funding. 

Contact us

Stacey Gasson
Sustainability Advisor
Mobile: 021 229 4271