Joe Aspell Trust

The Joe Aspell Trust distributes funds to community organisations serving socially disadvantaged young people living in Wellington.

Photo of Joseph Aspell circa 1985
Joseph Aspell

Fund details

Contact: Yvonne Mackie, Funding Team Leader:
Value: This fund has an invested lump sum, and the interest from this is available for grants. See past allocations (117KB PDF)

Joe Aspell was a former City Councillor and company director who left part of his estate to help young people in the city. Since 1990 the trust has helped local organisations and projects.

Donations can be made for the purpose of providing for "the care, benefit, maintenance, upbringing, education, advancement in life and general welfare of young people who reside in Wellington and who are socially disadvantaged".

Previous grant recipients include Challenge 2000, Wellington City Mission, Youthline and the Wellington Activity Centre.

About the grant

Applicants must:

  • be a group or organisation (individuals cannot apply)
  • focus their activities within the Wellington city rate-paying area
  • meet all criteria below.

Higher priority may be given to a project that:

  • benefits a large number of young people
  • the local community has supported by contributing a significant proportion of the funding.

Higher priority may be given to organisations that:

  • provide services for those who lack a quality of life enjoyed by the majority of Wellingtonians
  • offer services for the benefit or enjoyment of the community
  • promote education and learning.

Where help is sought for an individual's special needs, the young person must be committed to the project or activity that is funded and will have to give time and services back to the community. Generally, funds for individuals will be distributed to a third party who will make sure all obligations are met.

Projects that are not eligible for funding include:

  • commercial ventures
  • growth of capital funds
  • completed or retrospective projects
  • projects that are considered to be the responsibility of other parties.

Apply for the fund

You can apply for the fund through our Funding Portal. If you're a first-time applicant, you will also need to register in the portal. You can also check your application status if you've already applied for funding. If you receive an error message when trying to access the funding portal on a mobile device, please use these instructions or contact the Funding Team.

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  1. The project makes a positive contribution to achieving the Joe Aspell Trust's stated aim to enrich the lives of socially disadvantaged young people living in Wellington city.
  2. The project is Wellington City based and primarily benefits the young people of Wellington City.
  3. The project is physically and financially accessible either by a wide range of people or by the intended users.
  4. The project shows evidence of community support, collaboration and partnership building with other organisations (e.g. letters of support from other organisations / leaders).
  5. The applicant is a legally constituted group or organisation (i.e. not an individual or individuals), and the principal intent of the project is not for private or commercial financial gain.
  6. The applicant demonstrates an awareness of the Treaty of Waitangi, particularly when involving mana whenua and taura here.
  7. The applicant group provides evidence of (or, if a new group, systems for):
    • sound financial management
    • good employment practice (where applicable)
    • clear and detailed planning
    • well-defined performance measures
    • demonstrated ability to report back on past funding

Contact us

Yvonne Mackie, Funding Team Leader

Mobile: 021 436 291