City Growth Fund

This fund supports initiatives that will contribute to Wellington's economic growth.

Fund objectives

The objective of the fund is to support projects, partnerships and programmes that contribute to the economic growth of the city. Specifically, they will create and retain jobs, increase the rating base, support economic growth in key target sectors, and positively contribute to the Wellington's GDP and global reputation as a good place to do business.

Fund focus areas


  • Maximise the economic contribution that events can make to Wellington
  • Maximise the diversity and vibrancy of Wellington's arts and culture events
  • Enhance a strong events support structure which draws on Wellington's venues and assets
  • Encourage more visitors to Wellington through strengthening the city's profile as a leading events destination


  • Facilitate opportunities for Wellington that enlarge the city's business footprint
  • Support initiatives that build the city's reputation as an easy place to do business
  • Support initiatives that create jobs in Wellington's professional services and innovative high-tech industries
  • Enhance Wellington's image as a centre of excellence in innovation and professional services
  • encourage opportunities that contribute to the city's long-term economic growth aspirations


  • Support people to commercialise or progress innovative ideas that are Wellington-based or focussed (not start-ups)
  • Share expertise and resources to maximise potential opportunities for the city that will lead to:
    • improved economic growth opportunities
    • better value for money services for the local government sector
  • Encourage a joined-up approach that contributes to the city's long-term economic growth aspirations

Grant value

 $3 million is available annually. This fund has been included in the 2015-25 Long-term Plan.

Applicant investment 

We expect you to be able to match the funding you receive so that a maximum of 50% of total costs for the initiative is provided by the City Growth fund. The matched funding can be a cash injection from your organisation or other investors, or in-kind investment (verifiable time or services) to an equal value.


Your proposal should give details of:

  • the initiative and outcomes sought 
  • all parties involved in the initiative
  • robust budgets and forecasts of the initiative
  • project plan with timings and milestones 
  • the nature and extent of the matched funding
  • the anticipated benefits to Wellington
  • how these benefits will be measured.


Applicants must be residents of the Wellington City rate paying area.  All applications will be assessed individually.

Ineligible use of this fund

This fund cannot be used for:

  • supporting a bid for further funding from the Council or other institutions
  • financing start-ups
  • ongoing operational expenses.

Application deadlines

You can apply for the City Growth fund at any time.

Apply for City Growth funding

Apply online


Before you start the online application, make sure you have the following documents to attach. 

  • Your full proposal outlining the economic benefits to Wellington. The online form allows you to summarise key areas, but a detailed proposal document is expected. 
  • Budgets and forecasts for your proposal. 
  • Financial statements of the entity applying for the funding. 

Applications for this fund are made directly to the Council's City Growth and Partnerships team, via an online application form, and not via the Council online funding portal.

Pre-application meeting

You can arrange for a pre-application meeting to discuss your proposed initiatives and check if there is specific information that may be needed to help evaluate your application.

Application process

The timeframe to process applications will depend on the quality of the application, the nature of the funding proposal and the need to seek further information. As a guide, you can expect a four- to six-week process.

1. Apply

Check you meet the criteria for this fund.  Submit your application.

2. Review

  • Meet with the Council to discuss your proposal.
  • The Council tests the benefits to Wellington.
  • The Council reviews budgets, forecasts and plans.
  • The Council validates matching funding.

3. Council recommendations

  • Funding mechanism.
  • Funding conditions and performance milestones.
  • Reporting requirements and KPIs.

4. Approval

Your application will be assessed and a decision made about whether to approve it. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of the approval process and any conditions that may apply.

5. Funding contracts 

Funding agreements between parties are prepared and signed. These will outline the terms and conditions of any funding arrangements that have been approved, as well as all reporting requirements.

Contact us

Brenda Taylor, Funding and Partnership Advisor