Accessibility information and services

A directory of accessible services and information in Wellington.

Advice and support services

Community centres offer activities for local residents. Not all are wheelchair accessible.

Community centres

Well-Able Information and Equipment Services is a free community service that provides information on disabilities and the disability support services available in the Greater Wellington Region.



Advises the Council on accessibility issues and liaises between the Council and disability communities.

Accessibility Advisory Group

Assisted rubbish and recycling collection

The Council offers assisted rubbish and co-mingled recycling collection for a charge, or free to residents who qualify.

Assisted collections

Community directory

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offers a tool to search for organisation that advise or support people with disabilities.

Search community directory – CAB


Discounts to a range of recreation services including pools and library loans.



City services - After hours medical facilities

Hearing or visual help

Communicating with the Council


Social housing is available to people in need of housing help, including people with impairments.

Council’s Te Kāinga homes also include accessible rental apartments. For more information, visit Te Kāinga website.


Outdoor spaces

Recreation and community centres

Older people

Transport, travel and parking