Water policies and bylaw

The Council has several policies and bylaws which aim to conserve water.

Water Services Bylaw 2012

This part of the bylaw is to set the requirements for Council's provision of a reticulated water supply.

This bylaw is made according to Part 8 of the Local Government Act 2002 and outlines the mechanisms for setting up and managing a connection to the city's water supply network.

To manage high-demand periods, commercial consumption and water loss (including wastage), the Council needs to make sure we have up-to-date information about the consumption of water by different sectors and about how much water is being lost in the system.

For this purpose, we identified three areas that are best remedied by a water services bylaw:

  1. The enforcement of water restrictions.
  2. The ability to require commercial premises to install a water meter and pay for consumption.
  3. The ability to address leakage on private property that remains unchecked.

The Council is not proposing the use of meters on domestic or residential properties except in the "special circumstances" outlined in the bylaw.

Regional Standard for Water Services

Wellington Water has released the Regional Standard for Water Services, a collaborative effort with the Wellington, Upper Hutt, Porirua, and Hutt city councils. The regional standard brings together engineering standards for stormwater, wastewater and water supply infrastructure in the four cities.

The new standard is intended for use with new infrastructure in subdivisions and for replacements in existing areas. It aims to ensure all work done on water networks complies with the Council’s objectives and performance criteria for the network. It should be read in combination with the Council’s existing development codes.

Regional Standard for Water Services - Wellington Water

Backflow Prevention Containment Policy

To make sure that we can continue to deliver safe, clean drinking water, the Council has strict criteria about the conditions under which you are allowed to connect to the city's water supply system.

The Backflow Prevention Containment Policy aims at reducing the risk of water supply contamination by backflow from connections to the water supply system.

The policy details the requirements for backflow protection at your property boundary (not within your property).

Backflow Prevention Containment Policy