Water meters

Water meters allow people to pay for the actual amount of water used.

Apply for a water meter

To apply for a water meter to be installed, you will need to complete the water supply service application form (129KB PDF).

Installation cost

The cost of installing a meter depends on its location, installation requirements, meter size, and whether the meter is metal or plastic.

For specific information about installation costs, you need to contact an approved contractor to get a quote.

See approved water supply connection contractors - Wellington Water 

When selling your house

If you are selling your house and want to have water meter reading taken, email meteredwater@wcc.govt.nz with the following information - giving us at least two working days notice:

  • settlement date
  • date of metered water reading
  • name and address of where the invoice is to be sent.

If you still get a metered water invoice in your name after selling the property, it may mean that the Council hasn't been notified of the sale. It is normally your solicitor handling the sale that arranges this - check with them that they have sent this through.