Local Food Week

People sitting in a garden with a basket of fruit and vegetables.

If you love food, you'll love Wellington Local Food Week!

Local Food Week is an annual celebration organised alongside Neighbours Day Aotearoa – a national campaign which encourages everyone around New Zealand to do something to connect with their neighbours. And what better way to connect than around local food!  

Seasonal food not only tastes better and is healthier – but involvement in local food is good for the environment and builds local economies and community resilience. Neighbourhood growing, processing, buying, selling, storage and sharing of food - and reducing waste - brings people together and strengthens community networks. These activities also create new business opportunities.

For 2021 Local Food Week will be centered around a Wellington festival called Seeds to Feeds. Seeds to Feeds is a community led festival bringing neighbourhoods together around local food production. The Seeds to Feeds team has been working with community gardeners, foragers, urban farmers, brewers, bakers, and community centres in neighbourhoods across Wellington to grow and produce local food throughout summer. These efforts will culminate with a series of six local food feasts during Local Food Week. Exact dates for the local feasts are to be confirmed, but will be sometime in March.

To become involved with Seeds to Feeds, visit www.seedstofeeds.nz.


For more information, contact us:
Community Services team
Phone: 04 499 4444
Email: citycommunities@wcc.govt.nz

More information

Community Services

Phone: 04 499 4444

Email: citycommunities@wcc.govt.nz