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Sustainable workplace travel

Support your employees to walk, cycle and take public transport to improve their health and wellbeing and help reduce city emissions.

New ways to move around the capital

New transport infrastructure programmes like Paneke Pōneke are making it easier for people to choose more sustainable transport options. Workplaces can help rethink how we use our transport network to get to and from work.

Benefits of sustainable travel 

Improves staff health and wellbeing 

Walking and biking boosts physical fitness, enhances mental well-being and helps create a happy healthier workforce. 

Reduces workplace emissions  

Transport makes up approximately 56.2% of the city's overall emissions, so changing how we travel has a big impact in Pōneke. Moving your workplace to more sustainable transport can help reduce city emissions and meet your workplace's sustainability goals. 

Reduced costs 

Encouraging sustainable transport options can help reduce fleet and fuel costs. Staff commuting sustainably also reduces their individual travel costs.

How we can work with you

Our team can visit your workplace for an initial chat about how you can encourage more active commuting and how we can support your workplace goals.

If you are ready to dive deeper, we can help gather relevant information about your workplace travel through a staff travel survey and identify workplace specific actions you can take.

Let’s kōrero. Email us at sustainable.transport@wcc.govt.nz to set up a time to chat.

Help your team travel more sustainably

Active Transport Workplace Fund

Funding is available for workplace programmes, infrastructure and services that will encourage employees to commute to work by active ways, such as walking, jogging and biking.

Find out more about applying for the Active Transport Workplace Fund.


Massey University

In July 2023, Massey University, Wellington received funding from the Active Transport Workplace Fund to help boost their End of Journey Facility project. The funding was used to provide bike racks, a bike fix-it stand, and an accessibility ramp for bikes. The project ensures that safe and secure end-of-trip facilities are available for those people keen and able to ride a bike to work.

Fringe benefit tax exemptions 

Bikes, e-bikes, scooters, electric scooters, public transport and micromobility share services are exempt from fringe benefit tax where they are being used for commuting to and from work. Businesses can take advantage of this to help support their staff to commute more sustainably at a reduced cost.

Waka Kotahi has guidance for employers on how to set up e-bike purchase support schemes.


Workride is a free ride-to-work benefit scheme to help employers ensure tax compliance and manage administration of a scheme. Staff will be able to select any new bike, e-bike or scooter from a Workride-approved store. Over a 12-month period, the new ride can be used while a salary sacrifice allows the employer to recoup the cost in full. Find out more on the Workride website.

Workride's launch in Wellington is supported by the Council’s Climate and Sustainability Fund.

Workplace e-bike fleets and public share micromobility 

Local bike shops in Wellington can help with setting up a fleet of e-bikes for your staff to use, as well as providing short-term hires for staff looking to trial riding to work. See bike shops in Wellington (Google Maps) .

There are public e-scooter and e-bike share schemes in Wellington.

Upskill your staff


Bikespace is our free bike workshop on the waterfront. It includes a mock bus bike rack for people to practice putting their bike on the bus. The Mobile Bikespace – a cargo bike kitted out with everything needed to do repairs on the run – can visit your workplace and help your team become more bike savvy.


Working with Bikespace feedback

"Victoria University of Wellington had the best experience working with the Bikespace team offering our students and staff workshops to empower and increase their bicycle related knowledge and to undertake their own bike maintenance with confidence."
Feedback from the VUW Sustainability Team, June 2023.

Pedal Ready 

Pedal Ready offers free cycle skills training and they can visit your workplace. Find out more on the Pedal Ready website.

Protect against theft

Staff can register their bikes with 529 Garage to protect against theft. Learn how it works on the 529 Garage website.

Aotearoa Bike Challenge

Activate your team to bike more by joining the Council supported Aotearoa Bike Challenge that takes place every February. The competition is free for workplaces. Staff can log rides and access a wealth of cycling tips and short courses anytime on the Aotearoa Bike Challenge website.

Greater Wellington's Workplace Travel Forum

Workplace representatives from around the Wellington region meet regularly to share how sustainable transport works for them – sign up to the forum.


Find out about sustainable commuting options and travel planning for your workplace:


Did you know?

166km of paths are underway as a part of Paneke Pōneke – bike network plan.


Read about Paneke Pōneke