Scooter and bike share schemes

Discover the e-scooter and e-bike share schemes in Wellington city and learn how to scoot and ride safely.

With e-scooters and e-bikes available for hire, it’s easy to make low carbon transport choices in Wellington.

Scooters have become a popular way to make short trips since the introduction of public e-scooter share services in 2019. They’re cheap to ride, environmentally friendly, fun to use, and can provide health benefits.

From February 2023, a public e-bike share scheme is also being trialled.

This provides more options and will allow people to more easily go further.

Under the trial, and subject to demand, existing operators Flamingo and Beam both plan to have up to 150 e-bikes available on Wellington streets, starting with 50 each.

The e-scooters and e-bikes are hireable, locked and unlocked via apps.

To get more information and download the apps visit:


Using e-scooters or e-bikes is a great way to get places, but it’s important to always ride in a safe and considerate way.

Check out information on how to ride and park safely on:

Information about share schemes

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If you have any feedback about the schemes, or if you're a bike or scooter operator interested in speaking to the Council, contact the Behaviour Change Team.

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