Living a more sustainable life

Simple actions for a more sustainable future.

A man shows a home mushroom growing kit to two older women at a Community Gardens Open Day event.

Collective action on climate change is important, but actions in your daily life can make a difference too. There are many simple, low or no-cost ways to reduce your personal climate impact. Many of these also benefit the wider environment, create more resilient communities, save you money and are good for your health.  

Want to grow your own vegetables and herbs? Save money on your power bill? Minimise the waste you throw away? Make great compost? Reduce your petrol use? Understand your ecological footprint? 

Wellington City Council is developing a series of interactive workshops for our city, based on the Future Living Skills programme. You’ll hear from a range of community and city council experts on waste minimisation, transport, energy efficiency, water use, gardening, food and more; get to practice your new skills; and meet like-minded people. 

As individuals and households, together, our actions add up! To register your interest in a future course, email