Strategy and plans

Our long-term strategic vision is to make Wellington an eco-city.

Our long-term vision

The Council's long-term strategic vision is Towards 2040: Smart Capital. One of the goals in this vision is to make Wellington an eco-city:

Towards 2040: Smart Capital

Our Long-term Plan supports the aim to develop Wellington as an eco-city that:

  • proactively responds to environmental challenges
  • takes an environmental leadership role, as the capital city of clean and green New Zealand.

Long-term Plan 2021-31

Our other strategies and plans

Other Council plans for the environment include:

Our Natural Capital - Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

The Council's Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Wellington:

  • outlines our vision, goals and objectives
  • sets the priorities that give our work direction and purpose
  • provides a set of guiding principles for Council to work by

These are the four themes under which our biodiversity management guidelines, goals, objectives and actions are grouped.

  • Protect the ecologically significant areas on private and public land, particularly through pest reduction
  • Restore these areas – create safe buffer zones around them and connect them
  • Connect people to the importance of and threats to our indigenous biodiversity, and provide resources and support for restoration work across all our reserves
  • Research the best ways we can continue to manage our issues and progress

NZ Biodiversity Strategy - NZ Biodiversity

Climate Change Action Plan

In June 2010, the Council passed the Climate Change Action Plan that established the dual focus on:

Adaptation - preparing for the impacts of climate change so we can safeguard the community, the environment and the economy from likely risks.

Mitigation - reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or storing (sequestering) carbon dioxide in forests.

The Council's work programme on climate change is divided into the following key action areas:

  • Adaptation
  • Buildings and energy
  • Land transport
  • Waste
  • Council operations
  • Forestry
  • Aviation

The Council's 2010 Climate Change Action Plan provided a 2-year work programme to achieve significant progress on climate change. The plan was recognised as a category award winner in the Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon Awards 2011.