Road Reserve week

If your Road Reserve application is successful, find out how to select and pick up your allocation of plants.

Receiving an acceptance letter

If your Road Reserve application is successful, you will receive an email from Berhampore Nursery around early August.

Your acceptance letter will contain the:

  • dates and times plants will be available to collect
  • protocol to enter and exit the nursery
  • rules relating to the current COVID-19 setting (if applicable).

Also included will be a plant list, giving the names and characteristics of the available species – these lists change from year to year. We recommend you have a look and think of which plants would be suitable for your site.

If you can't pick up plants during the dates

Some applicants can't pick up plants during the dates and times stated in the acceptance letter.

We recommend nominating someone, for example a friend or neighbour, to come and collect the plants on your behalf. It's also a good idea to give them a list of species you would ideally like, and we can assist them with selection on the day.

If you can't find anyone, please get in touch to discuss before Road Reserve week starts.

If plants are no longer required

Some applicants may realise they no longer require their allocation of plants.

Get in contact with the nursery as soon as possible to let us know, so these plants can be allocated to another applicant.

Preparing your transport

Your standard car or truck is suitable for picking up plants, so a trailer is not required.

The plants usually come in 1L or PB3 pots, but vary in size depending on their height, so make sure you have space in your vehicle boot on the day.

We recommend fully clearing your boot and laying a tarpaulin down to protect it from soil and moisture.

Arriving on the day

During Road Reserve week, applicants can arrive at the nursery between the hours stated in the acceptance letter – no need to book in a time.

The main entrance to the nursery is through the Emerson Street gate. You will need to have your name signed off by a nursery staff member before collecting your allocation.

Selecting your plants

Plant selection happens on the day with the help of our nursery team. No problem if you are a first-time applicant; our nursery staff have the knowledge and experience to offer advice on which species to select.

We operate this scheme on a first-in, first-served basis, and there is no option to reserve specific plants prior to arrival.

Your allocation number is final and there is no opportunity to purchase plants from Berhampore Nursery, as we are a council-owned nursery. We recommend researching other local commercial nurseries if you wish to purchase plants.

Road Reserve plants are specifically for Council land – these should not be planted on your private property.

Once planting is complete

Applicants are generally responsible for maintaining their road reserve, such as weeding and pruning, to make sure plants do not touch power lines or encroach on the footpath or road.

If there is something you cannot safely maintain on your road reserve, for example a large tree which requires removal, use our Fixit form to report a problem.

We also recommend calling the Contact Centre on 04 499 4444 to add your site to the No-Cut/No-Spray Register. This helps protect them in their early days.

Contact us

Berhampore Nursery
Phone: 04 389 9729
Address: 32 Emerson Street, Berhampore, Wellington 6023