Plants for volunteer roadside and reserve planting

The Council can provide native plants for residents to plant on their neighbourhood roadsides and reserves.

Who can apply

Residents can volunteer to plant a public roadside or reserve near them with free native plants from the Council. This work not only benefits the community but also our native biodiversity.

When to apply

Applications for the 2021 planting season are now closed. Applications for the 2022 planting season will open 1st February 2022 for six weeks or until we reach capacity. 

How to apply

From planning to planting, here are the steps to ordering plants.

1.) Choose a suitable area to plant in

Road reserves and verges

Council reserve land

  • If your property connects to a public park or reserve, this may be an area where you can plant.
  • Community groups often run restoration projects in these areas. Check to see if planting is already underway in your area before starting something independent.
  • Volunteer outdoors- Environmental community groups

Planting restrictions

  • Planting must be under 1.5 metres if under powerlines or near bridge structures.
  • You cannot plant on a property that is for sale.

2.) Prep your site

Before planting, the area must be cleared of weeds and prepared appropriately.

Weeding is a patience game but it's worth the wait. Some weeds grow back and will take several removals which will affect your re-planting timeline.

Find out about weeds and re-planting wait-times: Weedbusters

3.) Decide how many plants you need

Most volunteers receive 10-20 plants. Some groups who are restoring heavily weeded areas, planting beside a stream, or stabilising a bank can receive up to 30 plants.

The general rule for planting is one plant per square metre.

4.) Order your plants online

Applications for the 2021 planting season are now closed.

5.) We process your request

Once we receive your application we will review it and get in touch if there are any issues. In August we will confirm applications and plant pickup details.

6.) You receive your plants

Plants must be collected from the nursery in September – we are unable to deliver them.

Now it's time to get planting!

After planting

Call the Contact Centre 04 499 4444 to add your plants to the No-Cut/No-Spray Register to protect them in their early days.

Maintain and enjoy your planting.

Need help?

Berhampore Nursery

Phone: 04 389 9729


Address: 32 Emerson Street, Berhampore, Wellington 6023