Whakakorehia te waro i tō pakihi
Take the carbon out of your business

Start by measuring how sustainable your business is now, and what you can do to be more sustainable.

Businesses have a powerful role to play in responding to the climate emergency. And increasingly, businesses are realising the many benefits of taking a different approach:

  • Loyal customers, who are looking for companies that embody their values, and produce more climate-friendly, ethical, and locally sourced products and services.
  • Recruiting and retaining high-quality talent.
  • Being a preferred supplier or contractor when bidding for work.
  • Creating a more resilient, future-proof business.

There is a range of resources and initiatives available to help you reduce your business's carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Take climate action today and help make Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington become a net zero capital by 2050.

Climate Action Toolbox

Make an action list and complete a step by step plan using the Climate Action Toolbox. Learn where your business can make the most impact in:

  • moving people
  • moving goods
  • office operations
  • site operations and equipment
  • designing products.

The toolbox is delivered in partnership between the central government, BNZ, Meridian, and the Sustainable Business Network.

Moving people

Offering the option to occasionally work from home can make a big difference for our city’s transport emissions.

Better buildings

Water and waste

Sustainable procurement

Goods and services in your supply chain can have significant emissions associated with them. By incorporating climate risks in your risk planning, you're ensuring your business can deliver in a changing world.

Sustainable Business Council - Quick Guide: Sustainable Procurement

Reducing emissions and waste - procurement.govt.nz


Connect with other businesses

You are not alone in delivering climate action.

By connecting with organisations in the city and nationally, you can learn what others have done and what they've achieved.

The Sustainable Business Network helps businesses connect with each other, and provides tools and resources to help your business be more sustainable.

Explore the tools and resources available from the Sustainable Business Network.


Funding and tools for energy use