Wāhanga tūmahi: Te tūnuku me te āhua o te taone
Action area: Transport and urban form

Better ways to move around the city include the bike network, pedestrian safety, public transport and thinking about the city's growth.

Better ways to move around the city

Around 50% of the city’s carbon emissions come from the way we travel, with petrol and diesel road vehicles making up about a third of the city’s emissions.

Changing the way we get around the city is critical to achieving a net zero carbon future.

City design and planning, or what we call urban form, also play an important part in this change because living close to transport, shops, school, and work makes active and public transport more attractive due to shorter travel distances.

Changing how we move around the city will require support from central government, the Council and Wellingtonians.

What we're doing to support transport change

Our transport network impacts how the city moves. We're supporting this change through large projects and other initiatives.

Spatial Plan and Proposed District Plan

Around 50,000 to 80,000 more people are expected to make Wellington their home by 2043. We need to review our Spatial Plan and District Plan to accommodate this nearly 40% growth.

The Spatial Plan reflects Wellingtonians' desire for a compact, high-density city, that reduces pressure on housing and is ideal for supporting a low carbon lifestyle. The District Plan is the rulebook that will bring the Spatial Plan to life.

The District Plan Review feedback process started in late 2021. In 2022 we'll be consulting on the Proposed District Plan that will be ongoing until 2023.

Other ways we're supporting transport change

What the government is doing

Central Government has the opportunity to increase momentum in transport change through national policy direction. New Zealand's first National Emissions Reduction Plan was released in 2022 and includes a significant focus on reducing transport emissions.

Te Manatū Waka/ The Ministry of Transport will be integral to setting policy changes to reducing vehicle emissions. For more information: Waka Kotahi mitigation work.

What you can do

Cycle or walk

Great for your fitness and great for reducing carbon emissions, cycling and walking is one of the easiest ways you can make an impact. Learn more about cycling in the capital.

Switch to public transport

Using low carbon public transport methods like the bus or train makes a huge difference.

Join a car share scheme

Car share schemes help reduce congestion and emissions. Explore our car share scheme page.

Switch to an electric vehicle

Where we need to have cars, EVs are the climate-friendly option. Explore our electric vehicles page.

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