Wāhanga tūmahi: Te pūngao whare
Action area: Building energy

A shift toward building better buildings and supporting upgrades of existing buildings is critical for a net zero future.

Almost a third of the emissions in Wellington come from "stationary energy", such as heating, lighting, and pumping water. As we move to an electric economy, we need our homes and buildings to perform better while using less energy.

What we're doing to support efficient buildings

Expansion of Home Energy Saver assessments

The Business Energy Saver programme

Promote better buildings

Reducing construction waste

Electric vehicle ready buildings

Solar on community facilities

Supporting building sustainability improvements

What the Government is doing

The Government is looking at a number of opportunities to create change.

Updating the building code

Improving existing homes

What you can do

Improve the efficiency of your home

Your home is the first place you can look to take climate action.

Learn how to make your home more sustainable on our Sustainable homes and buildings pages.

Become a sustainable business

It's never too late for your business to take climate action. Now is a great time to become a more sustainable business with an eye on a net zero tomorrow.

Explore our Climate action for businesses pages.

Visit Action area: Other city-wide initiatives