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Health licences

Certain types of businesses (for example, hairdressers, funeral homes, and kennels and catteries) need a health licence to operate.

How it works

A health licence is confirmation that a business is registered with Council. The Council checks that they are operating to acceptable health standards.

Once you're registered, you need to display your certificate of registration and re-register each year.

Who needs a health licence

  • Campgrounds
  • Hairdressers or barbers
  • Funeral homes
  • Commercial pools and spas
  • School pools
  • Animal boarding houses (for example, dog kennels and catteries)
  • Piggeries
  • Poultry farms

You also need a health licence if your business involves an "offensive trade" – this is defined in schedule 3 of the Health Act and includes things like rubbish collection, septic tank desludging and tanning hides.

Schedule 3, Health Act 1956 –

How to apply

You need to complete the form and pay the fee. 

1. Complete the form

Application for registration of premises (39KB PDF)

2. Submit the form and pay the fee

All fees include GST.

Item Fee
Camping grounds $275.00
Hairdressers $139.00
Mortuaries/funeral directors $165.00
Pools: commercial pools/spas $266.00
Schools pools (no entry fee) no charge
Animal boarding establishment $275.00

Note: Late payments are calculated as charge + 10%.

3. Have a pre-opening inspection

An Environmental Health Officer will contact you to arrange a pre-opening inspection and to approve your business to operate. This will usually happen within 2 weeks of when you apply.

They will give you advice about anything you might still need to do.

Once we're satisfied that your business is ready, you will be issued with a health licence and can start trading.

Renewing your health licence

Your registration expires each year on 30 June. We'll post you a re-registration pack before then. 

Once we have received your form and payment of fees your new certificate will be sent to you.

Need help?

The Public Health team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Public Health
Phone: 04 499 4444