Your responsibilities as a licence holder

As well as renewing your alcohol licence before it expires, there are legal requirements you must meet to be a licence holder.

Tell us if you change address

You need to tell us if you change your contact address. Remember to do this so we can send you information about when your licence is due to expire, the fees you need to pay to keep your licence alive, and any new legal requirements you need to follow as a licensee.

Pay your annual fees

Every licence holder must pay annual fees. These are due each year by the anniversary of the date your licence was issued. If you don’t pay your fees, you can’t use your licence to sell alcohol.

Check the date your licence is due for renewal. Your fees will be due on that same day and month each year. We will send you an invoice before the anniversary date and you
will receive a reminder. 

If you don’t pay your annual fees on time your licence will be suspended, which means you won’t be able to sell alcohol until the full fee is paid.

Put up signs

You must display these at the principal entrance to your premises:

  • a copy of your current licence
  • a sign showing the name of the manager who is on duty.

You also need to put up signs where your customers can clearly see them saying that alcohol will not be sold to people who are intoxicated or under age. The Health Promotion Agency has free signs that you can print at

Keep an up-to-date manager’s register

You have to keep a register of all certificated, temporary and acting managers who you appoint. 

Comply with your licence and the law

You need to read and comply with all the conditions on your licence and with all the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. 

  • Only sell alcohol to people who are 18 or older 
  • Don’t sell alcohol to people who are intoxicated
  • Promote alcohol responsibly

The Police and Licensing Inspectors can inspect your premises and if you’re not doing what your licence or the law says then they can apply to suspend or cancel your licence and the certificate of the manager on duty. Here is some information about the law and how to comply:

Notify us about manager appointments

If you appoint a new, acting or temporary manager, or if you terminate a manager’s appointment, you have to tell us within 2 working days. You should log this appointment in your manager’s register.

Appointing managers

Apply for a special licence if you want to do something different

If you want to sell or supply alcohol in a part of your premises that isn’t licensed, or at a time outside the hours on your licence, you can apply for a special licence.

Applying for a special alcohol licence

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