Renewing your alcohol licence

If you are an alcohol licence holder, you must apply to renew your licence at least 20 working days before it expires.

When to renew your alcohol licence

Make sure you apply to renew your on-licence, off-licence or club licence at least 20 working days before it expires. You must renew it:

  • 1 year after it's first issued
  • every 3 years after that before the expiry date.

If you apply before your licence expires, you can keep selling alcohol while we process your application. If your licence expires before you send in your application, you must stop selling alcohol immediately and remove all alcohol from display until your new licence is granted.

Changing the conditions of your licence

If you want to change the conditions of your alcohol licence (for example, changing the hours you're licensed for), you need to make a variation to your licence. If you renew your licence at the same time, you’ll only pay one set of fees.

Applying for a variation to the conditions of your licence

How to renew your licence

Once your application is submitted, the process takes at least 35 working days.

If you have any questions during the process, you can meet with an alcohol licensing inspector for help or advice – it's free.

1. Prepare your supporting documents

You must provide copies of all these documents with your application. Even if nothing has changed since last time you renewed, we need proof that you're still meeting the conditions of your licence.

Documents required for all licence types

Extra documents required for an on-licence

Extra documents required for an off-licence

Extra documents required for a club licence

2. Complete the form

Application for renewal and/or variation of an on-licence (400KB PDF)

Application for renewal and/or variation of an off-licence (327KB PDF)

Application for renewal and/or variation of a club licence (357KB PDF)

3. Calculate the fee

When you renew your licence, you'll pay:

  • an application fee
  • a public notice fee – either $150 with your application to advertise on our website, or a separate charge to the Dominion Post.

You can choose to pay your annual fee at the same time or wait until it's due.

Alcohol licence fees

4. Submit and pay for your application

Make sure you have all the supporting documents required and you've correctly calculated the fee you need to pay.

5. Post your public notice

After you've submitted your application, you must post a notice to let the public know that you're renewing your alcohol licence.

Notify the public of your alcohol licence application

6. Application assessment

This process takes at least 35 working days. Your application will be assessed by a Council licensing inspector (who might also visit your premises), an alcohol harm reduction officer from NZ Police, and a medical officer of health from Capital & Coast DHB.

Application assessment process

Note: Currently there are delays for some applications due to the COVID-19 Epidemic Notice. While the Notice is still in place the timeframes for Police and the Medical Officer of Health to report on applications are suspended.

7. If there's opposition or objection

If your renewal is opposed, or objected to by a member of the public, you may be able to resolve the issue through discussion or by making a change to your application (for example, reducing your hours). If you prefer not to negotiate or change your application, you'll have a chance to present your case at a hearing.

If there's opposition or objection to your alcohol licence application

8. If your renewal is approved

You'll be notified by mail or email.

You can continue selling alcohol at your business while your renewal application is being processed, as long as you continue to meet all the requirements of being a licence holder.

Legal requirements for licence holders

Need help?

You can meet with an alcohol licensing inspector for free. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Alcohol Licensing
Phone: 04 801 3760

Meet with an alcohol licensing inspector