If there's opposition to your manager's certificate application

If your manager's certificate application is opposed by the Police or a licensing inspector, you'll need to present your case at a hearing.

Who can oppose your application

Your application for a manager's certificate can be opposed by:

  • NZ Police
  • the Council's licensing inspector.

If your application for a manger's certificate is opposed, you'll be asked to attend a hearing to discuss the opposition and present your case.

You can also be asked to attend a hearing if the District Licensing Committee has concerns about your application.

District Licensing Committee

What happens at a hearing

You'll be told the time, date and venue of the hearing at least 10 working days before the hearing takes place. Hearings are usually held at Wellington City Council’s offices (113 The Terrace).

At the hearing, you will present your case to:

  • a commissioner (or chairperson) and two list members of the DLC
  • any opposers from NZ Police and the Council.

You can ask witnesses to speak in support of your application.

Public hearings – how they work (90KB PDF)

The committee makes a decision

After the hearing, the committee may reserve its decision. This means it will meet after the hearing to consider the case and make a decision. This can take several weeks.

You will receive the DLC's decision by email or post. If your application is approved you will also receive your manager's certificate.

Appeal the decision

If you disagree with the committee's decision, you can submit an appeal to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority within 10 working days.

Any of the other parties to the hearing can also choose to submit an appeal.

Make an appeal against a district licensing committee decision – Ministry of Justice

Need help?

Once an application has been opposed, alcohol licensing inspectors can only answer questions about the process – they aren't allowed to give you advice. If you need help at this stage, we recommend you contact a lawyer.

Alcohol Licensing
Phone: 04 801 3760
Email: secretaryDLC@wcc.govt.nz