Applying for a new manager's certificate

Find out how to apply for a new manager's certificate if you want to manage an alcohol (liquor) licensed business.

When to apply

A manager's certificate allows you to work as a duty manager in a business that sells or supplies alcohol.

To apply you need to:

  • be at least 20 years old
  • have worked in a licensed premises for a least 3 months
  • be working in a licensed business or intending to own or run a business in Wellington City
  • hold a Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ).

How to apply

Once your application is submitted, the process takes at least 30 working days. You must have the right to work in New Zealand to be issued a certificate.

1. Before you start your application

Gather your work references

You need to provide two signed and dated work references that are less than 12 months old. One of them should be from someone at the business you'll be managing.

Get your Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)

An LCQ allows you to manage a licensed business – you can't apply for a manager's certificate without it.

The test will demonstrate your knowledge of:

  • the Sales and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and how to manage a licensed premise
  • what the Host Responsibility requirements are for a manager of a licensed premise.

A training provider in your area will run a course that will help you get your LCQ.

2. Prepare your supporting documents

You'll need to provide:

  • a copy of your LCQ certificate
  • a copy of your LCQ bridging test certificate – if your LCQ shows "Sale of Liquor 1989" units
  • a copy of a photo identification – for example, a passport or driver licence
  • two work references, including one from the business you'll be managing. These must be dated and signed
  • the name of the licensed premises you will manage and a list of your current duties
  • details of any criminal convictions.

If you've got your LCQ but have lost or not received your certificate, you can request to print a new one from Service IQ.

3. Submit and pay for your application

Applying for a new manager's certificate costs $316.25. You can apply and pay online or download the form and pay in person, or by post.

Make sure you have all the supporting document required before submitting your application.

Apply online

You can pay by credit card if you apply online.

Apply for a new manager's certificate

Download the form

Application for a new manager's certificate (540KB PDF)

4. Your application is assessed

This process takes at least 30 working days.

Note: You may be contacted at any stage if we need more information, or there's opposition to your application.

Acknowledgement – 2 working days

You'll receive an acknowledgement email from the secretary of the District Licensing Committee (DLC) within 2 working days of submitting your application.

The email will tell you if your application has been accepted or rejected, and request any further documents that may be required.

Police assessment – 15 working days

Your application will be considered and reported on by the Police, who will inform the Council of any convictions or concerns they have with your application.

Interview with a licensing inspector 

You'll also be interviewed by a licensing inspector who will assess your suitability to hold a manager's certificate and test your knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and host responsibilities. This will take 30 minutes.

If you don't attend your scheduled interview or fail it then the licensing inspector may request you do the interview again or oppose your application.

The Manager's Guide can help you prepare for your interview

Licensing inspector assessment – about 5 working days

An alcohol licensing inspector:

  • considers the application and the Police report
  • submits a report to the DLC for a decision.

If your application is not opposed, the DLC will review your application.

5. If your application is approved

You'll receive the decision by email.

If your manager's certificate application is approved, you'll receive your certificate by email and you can start to manage a licensed business straight away.

You'll need to renew your manager's certificate after the first 12 months – then every 3 years after that before the expiry date.

Your responsibilities as a manager

6. If there's opposition

If your application is opposed, you'll need to present your case at a hearing.

If there's opposition to your manager's certificate application

Need help?

You can phone or email an alcohol licensing inspector. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Alcohol Licensing
Phone: 04 801 3760