Apply for a new off-licence

You will need an off-licence when your customers will buy alcohol to drink elsewhere.

An off-licence allows your business to sell, supply or deliver alcohol for customers to drink off your premises, including offering small free tastings.

You need an off-licence if your business is a:

  • bottle store
  • grocery store
  • supermarket
  • remote sales (for example, sales through a website).

How to apply

1. Fill in the application form:

Application for a new off-licence (326KB PDF)

2. Calculate the fee

The amount you pay depends on the kind of business you run and your opening hours.

You'll pay:

  • an application fee
  • a public notice fee – either $150 with your application to advertise on our website, or a separate charge to the Dominion Post
  • an annual fee – to be paid before your licence is issued, and then every year after that.

Alcohol licence fees

3. Submit and pay for your application

Make sure you have all the supporting documents required and you've correctly calculated the fee you need to pay.

Contact us

You can meet with an alcohol licensing inspector for free. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Alcohol Licensing 
Phone: 04 801 3760

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