Graves of note

With over 83,000 graves, there are many of note – including people involved in the Shackleton expedition and the Tangiwai disaster.

1918 influenza pandemic

Walter Nash - Prime Minister, 1957–1960

John Blundell - Newspaperman and businessman

Suzanne Aubert - Founder of the Sisters of Compassion

Robert Stout and Anna Paterson Stout - Premier/suffragist and feminist

Frederick William Fish - Infant boy and Kariri Cemetery's first burial

John Guthrie Wood Aitken - Politician, businessman, social activist

Louise Henderson - Artist

Samuel Forsyth - Sergeant and Victoria Cross recipient

William Joseph Wallace - All Black rugby player and foundryman

Grace Neil - Public servant and social reformer

Herman van Staveren - Rabbi and philanthropist

Frederick Turnovsky - Businessman and arts patron

Pehr Ferdinand Holm - Mariner and ship owner

Lily May Atkinson - Suffragist and feminist

Matthew Holmes - Medical practitioner

John Sidney Swan - Architect

Mina Arndt - Artist

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