Newtown to waterfront

Following the Waitangi Awa.

Aerial image showing the Newtown to waterfront bike route marked by a white line, the historical and cultural sites are highlighted in blue.

Travelling this route, you are above the Waitangi Awa, which now flows through pipes below Adelaide Road, and Kent and Cambridge terraces, then through the recreated wetland in Waitangi Park to the harbour.

Waitangi Awa and its many tributaries fed the original Waitangi Pūroto (lagoon), where Waitangi Park is now. The pūroto at the harbour edge was used for centuries by Māori for food-gathering, as a source of fresh water, and as a place to launch waka. 

On this route, starting in Riddiford Street near Wellington Hospital and heading towards the waterfront, blue niho taniwha designs mark: 

Images of the markings and people using the bike network: