Northern suburbs

Murals in suburbs from Tawa to Newlands.


Johnsonville train line, Johnsonville Countdown, Moorefield Road 

Sheyne Tuffery and Northern Suburbs school students, 2014

The mural tells the story of the development of Johnsonville as a suburb from settlement in 1841. Other topics include the First and Second World Wars, the Old Coach Road, the Johnsonville Railway line, the Tip Top Factory, and Centennial Highway. The mural is presented as a train, with each panel a different truck.

Bus shelter, Johnsonville Mall

Christie Wright, 2011

Depicting a bright kiwiana theme, the design is inspired by the surrounding environment, including the Johnsonville hills and train track. The back of the bus shelter represents night, with a morpork staring out at the viewer and a crescent moon framing the scene. The inside of the shelter represents day, with a fantail taking centre stage and flowers and insects bursting with life. 

See murals in Waitohi: Waitohi ki tai, Waitohi ki uta (2020)



Bee bus stop, corner of Mandalay Terrace and Cashmere Avenue

Ellen Coup, 2015

The project was started in anticipation of the new community orchard opening up nearby, which has been organised by the Khandallah Community Gardens group. The theme of bees and fruit has been designed to celebrate the garden, as well as raise awareness of Wellington as a bee friendly city.

Community gardens utility cabinets, Mandalay Terrace

Ellen Coup, 2015

The utility cabinets and substation shown here are a part of the project listed above and celebrate Wellington as a bee friendly city. The murals mark the entrance to the Khandallah community gardens and were funded by Chorus, Vodafone and Wellington Electricity.


Skate park, Newlands Road

Wellington street artist Ghstie and youth organisation Challenge 2000, 2011

The mural on a section of the wall surrounding Newlands skate park is inspired by the suburb's hills, the park's neighbouring fire station and the culture of skateboarding.

Community Centre, 9 Batchelor Street

Michel Tuffery, 2009

Local artist Michel Tuffery has created a mural on the Newlands Community Centre's exterior walls with help from students from Newlands College and wider northern suburbs.

Following consultation with the Newlands community, Michel came up with the mural design. The wider community brought Michel international stamps for the artwork, and the younger generation made sure their talent for graf-art was incorporated.

Michel says the result is a cross-cultural, inter-generational artwork by the community for the community.


Skate park, Davies Street

Xoe Hall and youth organisation Challenge 2000, 2012

The design on the 20m fence beside Tawa skate park is influenced by its proximity to Tawa Pool and reminds us of the connection between pools and skate parks. In the 1970s (when Tawa pool was built) California was going through a drought. People were asked to empty their pools - these became the first skate parks. References to Tawa in the mural include the number 232, and the Pink Pineapple bakery's fried chicken.