Aro Valley

pakiTara-toi art on the walls of the Aro Valley Community Centre and Aro Street.

Artwork details and locations

Aro Valley Community Centre

Stephen Templer and Sean Duffel, 2016
Commissioned in 2016 these two works capture the spirit and vibrancy of Aro Valley and it's community.

Stephen Templer collaborated with students from Te Aro Primary School to create this bright and whimsical mural. They brainstormed ideas and developed a design celebrating Aro Valley's personality, people, cats, businesses, colour and spirit.

Sean Duffell worked with some of the talented youth from the Wellington Boys and Girls Institute to create this panoramic snapshot of Aro Valley. They planned a colourful mashup-styled work concentrating on detail and depth giving the wall a bold design. Typographer and muralist, Kelly Spencer gave Sean permission to use her type for the anchoring letters A, R, O, that connect the design elements. Sean painted this work during a challenging week - post Nov 2016 earthquakes, Trump getting elected, super moons and floods – yet succeeds in depicting Aro's unique environment, vibrancy and all that makes Aro home for so many.

Bus shelter, 168 Aro Street

Dhyana Beaumont
The design draws inspiration from two themes: the bus passenger's journey through the green hills of Aro Valley; and the creative vibe of Aro and its pro-active community. Beaumont used stencil designs to create an abstract, layered affect to reflect the diverse heritage of the suburb.

Bus shelter, 9 Aro Street

Xoe Hall
The artist created a brightly-coloured, retro-styled, window-display mural called Bus Stop Boutique, so those waiting for the bus at the entrance to Aro Street can indulge in a little window shopping.

Bus shelter, corner of Holloway Road and Aro Street

Freeman White 
The bus shelter features beautifully-detailed portraits in an 'art nouveau' style. This style is characterised by flowing, curvilinear line work based on natural forms, perfect for portraying the artist's interest in the large trees in this green suburb, particularly near Holloway Road and the Polhill Reserve.

'The Bunker' pavilion, 48 Aro Street

Boys' and Girls' Institute (BGI), and led by street artist Yelz
Painted by artists from the . BGI mentored young people from Aro Valley to help complete the mural. The project was one of many youth initiatives supported by the Aro Valley Community Centre.

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Photos of the artwork described above.