Courtenay Place light boxes

A New Zealand first, the Courtenay Place light boxes form a highly public exhibition space in the midst of Wellington’s central city environment.

The eight 3-metre high steel and glass LED light boxes were designed as an integral part of Courtenay Place and were unveiled in May 2008.

The light boxes encourage people to reflect on this busy and diverse urban centre, even if just for a minute.

Each exhibition lasts for four to six months.

These light boxes are located at 77-97 Courtenay Place - view on Google Maps.

Current exhibition

Here by Ben Howe
Ben Lowe, Here


Ben Lowe

14 October 2023 – 3 March 2024

'Here' makes light of dark in a series of photographs taken by Ben Lowe while hiking Wellington’s South Coast, Te Rimurapa/Sinclair’s Head.

The series emerged from Ben’s desire to make time and light and life tangible, and create a parallel world of time through the interplay of light trails of distant stars, people, planes, ships, and meteors.

The photos were taken with long exposures using the night sky to light the work, allowing the viewer to experience a place differently.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara based artist and photographer Ben Lowe is undertaking a Master of Fine Arts at Wellington’s Massey University of Creative Arts, after graduating in 2021 with a Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Photography.

By letting the old light from the stars imbue itself over long durations, the photographs allow us to experience a place differently says Ben.

"'Here' explores how the night adjusts our perception of time, the cosmos and whenua, how intimate their connection is woven together, and the deep pleasures of walking in the dark.

"To see the area from a different perspective, I walked the hills at night when the terrain was cloaked by the night sky.

"The sense of time as measured astronomically is reflected in the process: walking through and feeling the terrain, a sense of place accumulating over time, uncovering traces of the past, to find a moment to set up the camera where it takes the photo over a single exposure sometimes lasting over six hours using light from the moon and stars."


The artist would like to acknowledge his supervisors, Caroline McQuarrie and Shaun Waugh, who have supported him as he developed this project from its conception.

About the artist

Ben Lowe graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Photography from Massey University College of Creative Arts where he is currently undertaking a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. Ben has been awarded multiple scholarships including the New Zealand Scholarship – Design and Visual Communication, the Lāffare Photography Scholarship (Highly Commended) and a Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship.

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