Public art proposals

Find out how to submit a proposal for public art activity in Wellington.

Public art activities play an important role in distinguishing Wellington as a sophisticated, tolerant, dynamic city with creativity at its heart.

Public art activity involves:

  • artists contributing to the thinking and design of public places and spaces
  • art concepts and/or art works and/or design features integrated into urban design developments (including buildings, streets and parks)
  • artists working in and with communities in public spaces
  • art processes and artworks in the public sphere that may be variously described as sculpture, murals, street-art, performance, new-genre public art, relational aesthetics, and/or installations.

Call for proposals

The Public Art Panel reviews proposals for public art activity four times a year in March, June, August and November.

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2023 Call for proposals

In this funding round we will prioritise projects that meet one or more of our eight public art outcomes, these are:

  1. Wellington’s public art activities will be fresh and innovative.
  2. Public art activities in Wellington’s suburban centres enhance sense of place.
  3. Māori whakapapa and history are expressed in Wellington’s public art activity.
  4. The city’s diverse communities are represented through public art activities.
  5. Wellingtonians are more engaged in the development of public art activity.
  6. The city’s public infrastructure integrates art concepts and/or design features and/or physical artworks.
  7. Initiate and implement programmes to communicate and educate people about Wellington’s public art activity.
  8. Public art activities directly contribute to social and economic change and urban/suburban revitalisation in Wellington.

The deadline for proposals is 9am, Monday 24 July 2023. This funding round is for public art projects taking place from mid-September 2023.

We recommend discussing your project with our Arts Advisor as early as possible. The Arts Advisor will be able to provide useful information about council-owned sites, budget advice, and general recommendations on your concept and proposal. See the Arts Advisor contact details below.


If you wish to propose a public art activity, please complete the application below and submit it to the Council’s City Arts team.

The City Arts team assesses all proposals in collaboration with the Public Art Panel to ensure proposals meet the criteria and reflect the outcomes for public art activity.

The guidelines and public art activity applications apply to proposals for both temporary and permanent projects, and proposed gifts and donations.

Public art fund

The Council funds the research, development, commissioning and implementation of public art activity in Wellington. You should discuss your proposed project and level of funding with an Arts Advisor before submitting your application.

The average amount awarded to public art projects is approximately $10,000, although levels of investment vary. Well-focused projects are often less than $10,000 and funding is also considered at a more substantial level, sometimes allowing for a larger scale or for lengthier periods of engagement. You should discuss your proposed project and level of funding with an Arts Advisor before submitting your application.

Previous grants

Find out about past Public Art Fund grant allocations.

Contact us

Eve Armstrong, Senior Arts Advisor

Mobile: 021 227 8207