Creative Hoardings pilot programme

The Creative Hoardings programme has been developed in response to an increase in hoarding being installed across the city as the number of construction sites around Wellington continues to grow. 

We care for our public spaces and want to ensure they’re accessible, safe and continue to look good during these changes. To help with this, we're encouraging property developers to install artwork on hoardings during construction. 

What are hoardings?

Hoardings are the temporary safety walls that surround construction sites. Most often they are built using ply panels and a simple framing structure.

Why has the Council launched this project?

Connecting building projects with creativity aligns brands with progressive and positive outcomes for the city that contribute to economic and cultural wellbeing.

Art on hoarding can:

  • Transform the visual impact of these barriers
  • Reduce graffiti vandalism
  • Increase perceptions of safety
  • Mitigate economic impacts on local business while building work is undertaken
  • Revitalise public space and activate the city during changes to the built environment
  • Celebrate our city and boost its identity as a creative capital

Information for property developers 

We would love for property developers to get involved in this project, so we’ve made it as easy as possible.  

Selecting a hoarding design

Developers can select an artwork from the Creative Hoardings design library, or commission a local artist to design a custom artwork for the site.

Creative Hoardings Design Library

This is an opportunity for developers and businesses to set the tone of a project and reflect values central to the build. When you have selected a design, contact Council’s Arts team for approval of use, and for support with the next steps of a project.

How the Council can help

If hoarding is installed within Wellington’s central city, the Council can: 

  • Support property developers to find creative solutions for sites impacted by building work.
  • Provide information and cost-effective outcomes for compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide advice on how to manage graffiti, or depending on the hoarding’s location, manage the removal of graffiti.

More information

Creative Hoarding guidelines – the how-to-guide to getting art on construction hoardings (420KB PDF)

For local examples of creative hoardings visit pakitara toi art on walls.

For national and international creative hoarding examples:
Christchurch City Council – Creative Hoardings
City of Sydney – Creative Hoardings 

Contact us

To get in touch with the Arts Team, contact Rula Awad, Business Engagement Senior Advisor.
Phone: 027 803 0593
Or contact Katie Taylor-Duke, Senior Arts Advisor.