About the collection

The history and aims of our art collection and where you can see some of the artworks.

Anne Noble's Wilhelmina Bay, 2003
Anne Noble's Wilhelmina Bay, 2003

The collection includes traditional and contemporary artworks. You can view some of these artworks at various Council buildings around the city including:

The Council holds the Art Collection for Wellington City.

History of the collection

Wellington City Council started buying artworks in 1882. In the 1960s, the Council decided to acquire artworks for and around its public buildings. The collection is currently guided by the Wellington City Art Collection Policy.

Policies and strategies

Aims of the collection

The aims in having and collecting for this art collection include:

  • increasing the public's awareness of Wellington's artistic heritage
  • developing and maintaining a collection that reflects Wellington's Māori and European heritage, and ethnic and cultural diversity
  • supporting and promoting local artists
  • enhancing Council's public spaces (such as public libraries, recreation and service centres).

Copyright disclaimer

Wellington City Council has permission from the copyright owners to use the images. You may not make copies, reproduce, sell or distribute these images. Apply to the copyright holder directly for permission.

Contact us

Laura Woodward, City Art Collection Registrar

Email: laura.woodward@wcc.govt.nz