White triangle road markings

We are trialling the use of painting white triangle road markings to indicate where parking is available for smaller vehicles or motorbikes on suburban roads.

Road markings in the shape of a white triange.
An example of the white triangle markings.

About the project

The first trial of the white triangle markings will be on Hadfield Terrace (Kelburn) and Holloway Road (Aro Valley) in March 2021.

Rather than painting broken yellow lines, white triangles will be painted on the side of the road to indicate where there is no room for a normal sized vehicle to park without blocking driveways. However, the white triangle means smaller vehicles and motorbikes can park in the available space.

If the trial is a success, we will paint the white triangle road markings in more Wellington suburban streets.

Vehicles will still need to ensure they are not parked within 1 metre of a driveway, only small vehicles or motorbikes should park in the white triangle. 


Following feedback from Hadfield Terrace residents that there was a lot of underutilised parking space on their street, we investigated how we could help.

Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson successfully use the white triangle road markings and we thought this might be a good solution to trial in Wellington

Hadfield Terrace traffic resolution (300KB PDF)
Holloway Road traffic resolution (1MB PDF)

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact:

Renee Corlett, Transport Engineer
Email: renee.corlett@wcc.govt.nz