Wellington Convention Centre

We are building a conference and exhibition centre so Wellington can host larger conferences and conventions.

Artist impression of the proposed convention centre

Artist impression from Wakefield Street


13/12/19: The City Strategy Committee voted to progress plans for the convention centre in December 2018.

About the project

The new convention centre will be built on a Council-owned site on Cable Street, opposite Te Papa Tongarewa.

It will allow the city to host larger conferences and conventions, which will attract more visitors to the city. This will have positive flow-on effects for hospitality, accommodation and retail. The convention and conference business is worth over $140 million a year to Wellington's economy.

Along with the convention centre, Wellingtonians will also gain a brand-new 1600-square-metre exhibition space. It will be able to accommodate large, internationally significant exhibitions and draw in visitors from around Wellington, New Zealand and internationally.

Who are we working with

We are talking to Te Papa Tongarewa about a partnership for the operation of the exhibition space.


The convention centre is one of the Council's economic stimulus projecst, and was first proposed in our 2014 Economic Growth Agenda. The project was part of our Long-term Plan consultations in 2015 and 2018.